HDPE Liner

HDPE Liner

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the most widely used geomembrane around the world, largely due to its availability and the fact that there are low material costs in the production of it.

With the high chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties that these HDPE geomembranes possess, it makes them an extremely cost-effective choice for a number of applications. This is particularly true for exposed lining projects, given their durability and there is no need to protect or cover the liners.

Due to the wide range of size and requirements of HDPE projects, the liners can come in a variety of thicknesses (typically 40 to 120 mil) and can also come with a smooth or textured surface.

The liner is commonly supplied in large rolls (22.5ft wide), which are then custom-fitted at the site and installed by trained technicians, due to the requirements of HDPE meaning that specialised welding equipment is needed to successfully complete the installation.

With the HDPE liners used in exposed areas, it can mean that they are more susceptible to the natural environment and things such as weather can cause intense stress on the longevity of the lined areas and in some instances may create tears.

Therefore, extensive testing is carried out when producing the liner to ensure that they are manufactured to the highest standards and are best catered to the environment that they will be installed in. This is another reason as to why HDPE liner has proved such a popular material to use across multiple industries globally.


Landfills (including solid waste and hazardous waste)

Waste Water Treatment

Animal Waste Lagoons

Mining Applications

Pond & Lake Liners 

Irrigation Reservoirs

Heap Leach Pads

Power Plants

Tank Liners

Agricultural & Aqua-cultural Operations

Conveyance Canals

Water/Liquid Containment


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