Covid19 Business Continuity Update

Covid19 Business Continuity Update

Below Published 19-05-2020

Our Availability Update:

UK Office

We wanted to update you on our recent efforts with regards to Coronavirus.

We are pleased to announce that we are beginning a staggered return for some members of staff in the UK office. We are following the government guidelines which will allow us to continue and grow our operations over the coming weeks and months. This is the initial phase of our staggered plan of our phased approach; in order that our endeavours in securing a safe and healthy working environment for our staff is achieved. Other members of staff whom are unable to return to the office are working remotely and still contactable.

We are fully operational and are happy to deal with any requests you may have so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

[email protected] 


SA Office

Our SA office is business as usual, working normal hours. Staff in SA are working both remotely and in the office; They are still available to assist you with enquiries and orders. The SA warehouse is now fully operational. However, if you have any concerns about this please feel free to get in touch with our SA office for details of how this affects you: 

[email protected]


Below Published 27-03-2020

Our Availability Update - South Africa Warehouse

Following the announcement of President Ramaphosa on Monday, 23 March 2020, regarding the imposition of a national lockdown from midnight on 26 March 2020 until 16 April 2020. We are of course complying with this announcement so wish to inform all our clients of the following. 

In order to assist in reducing the spread of Covid-19 we have made some changes to how our SA Warehouse prioritises deliveries and collections. As of TODAY, our South Africa Warehouse has been given permission to be available by appointment for essential deliveries and collections only.

If this affects any of our existing client orders, those clients will be contacted in due course. If you have any concerns about this please feel free to get in touch with our SA office for details of how this affects you: 

[email protected]

Let us reassure you that our South Africa office is still operating so all our staff based there are working remotely for their safety and still available to assist you with enquiries and orders. 


Below Published 26-03-2020

Covid19 Rapid Test Kit - Data Sheet

Covid19 Rapid Test Kits For Sale - NOW SOLD OUT! (30/03/2020)

In order to assist with the spread of Covid-19 we are supplying rapid test kits for clients. 

This Rapid Test Kit facilitates patient treatment decisions quickly because
of the fast 2 - 10 minutes results. CE Certified.

This product is a simple, time-saving procedure that contains all the
necessary reagents. COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit is also highly sensitive and
specific to COVID-19.

Click the image of our datasheet for more information. 

There is a limited supply available so please get in touch for a quote asap.

[email protected]


Below Published 24-03-2020

Our Availability Update - UK Office Phone System Is Down!

The UK is taking action to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus which Storm Procurement is taking extremely seriously. 

As we are a technology-driven company we have taken action to ensure all our office-based staff now work remotely and our Warehouse staff work within a ‘Risk controlled’ environment ensuring the safety to our staff and those connected to Storm Procurement. This allows us to maintain business as usual as we continue communication with suppliers, manufacturers and logistics companies ensuring the supply chain is managed successfully.

Please note this message also is to inform you of a technical issue we are currently facing now that we are working remotely.

Due to a technical fault, our UK office desk phones are unable to forward or divert your calls to our mobiles. We are therefore unable to answer calls to our UK Storm Office Number (+44 (0) 1923 658599) until further notice. We are working on resolving this issue as swiftly as possible.

For the time being, if you want to get in touch please use our mobile phone numbers as well as emails and skype, as we online!

Contact Us Via:

Our Mobile Phones

Please feel free to call our mobile numbers which are featured in our email signatures as these are still working.


Our email system is fully functioning as usual.  If you would like to request a quote please email:             [email protected] or get in touch with your usual contact by email.


Our Skype IDs are the same as our individual emails eg [email protected] so please feel free to get in touch by skype also.


Below Published 19-03-2020

Our Availability Update - Covid19 (Coronavirus) 

As we know you are likely to have concerns about the effect Coronavirus is having, we wanted to reassure you that we are continually monitoring the situation and potential effects on the supply chain to ensure we keep our clients up to date and can mitigate the risks. 

We are continuing to provide quotes with accurate delivery estimates based on the current situations and will make you aware of any changes/updates to these estimates (as usual).

We have not seen any disruption to our deliveries at this stage! We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will inform all our customers if anything changes in the coming weeks.

We want you to know that you can rely on our integrity, that we will remain open and won't hesitate to inform our clients if the circumstances change. Please do get in touch if you have any additional concerns or if there are any items you are having trouble sourcing. We hope the below Q&A will help to put you at ease. 


Q: Has your service been affected?

We source internationally and are managing and maintaining regular communications with our supply base in regards to Covid19. Currently, and given our wide supply base (with whom we always work closely), we have had no reported issues or impact to orders or any of the other services we provide.


Q: Does your supply chain extend to any of the currently impacted countries?

As we source globally, yes, so we are monitoring this closely in order to mitigate any potential risks which may arise. We have an extensive global supply chain and using our technology to manage our categories we can ensure that sourcing is managed well and takes into account countries, suppliers and logistical companies that may be under threat. We source based on the given countries government statements and also the supplier relationship to ensure our supply chain is not impacted by disruptions in a particular region. 


Q: Will current or future shipments be impacted?

No current shipments have been impacted thus far. There is, of course, the potential for future shipments to be impacted, as none of us can say what governmental legislation and guidelines will be brought in, or how this tragic situation will change. However, we are continuing to follow our usual ordering and shipping processes and have no indication that there is any imminent impact to currently planned shipments. We have taken extreme measures to ensure that any impact is limited on all shipments. Should any instance arise based on circumstances outside our control we would communicate this immediately with the clients involved.


Q: What happens if a shipment is impacted?

Should a negative impact on a shipment occur, we would communicate immediately with all stakeholders to ensure a timely and suitable solution is reached. Unless it is for a very bespoke item we will have 2nd and 3rd alternatives already on file as part of our usual procurement process, so in most cases will be able to find a solution and source the alternatively very quickly, just as we would under normal circumstances. 


Q: Should the situation affect your service delivery, to what extent will that be?

If a potential delay in the supply chain is highlighted this would have been identified in our processes at the sourcing stage. We then continue to manage through each supply chain so that should an issue arise, we would have an alternative solution. 


Q: What contingencies have you as a company implemented to mitigate the effects thereof?

We are monitoring the health of our staff and are currently in a stable position. Due to our offices being located in several countries, we will be able to maintain service even if we do have reduced capacity at a specific location. 

As a business, all staff other than warehouse can work remotely. We have taken measures to ensure the safety of our warehouse staff and any visitors into that area. We have also changed working times so that we increase our productivity through-out the business ensuring business as usual. We are consistently communicating with our global suppliers, manufacturers and logistical companies to ensure any impact is limited. We are also not putting our eggs in one basket with our supply chain. However, we have identified that reducing this in the first instance at the sourcing level provides a smoother supply chain.

We have contingencies in place to limit any potential spread of infection, meaning the risk to our workforce is very low.

These measures include:

■   Issuing advice and information to our staff on avoiding infection.

■   Publishing business continuity updates to staff alongside those we issue to clients.

■   Access to antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the office and warehouse. 

   Access to several handwashing stations for all staff.

■   The office (and working areas) are cleaned daily by specialist staff. 

   Certain key members of staff, who would not be able to work remotely are being isolated from the rest of the team (no face-2-face interaction between warehouse and office staff) 

■    As a globally located and technology-driven company we are fully capable of working remotely should we need to, ensuring we are contactable and our operations will remain running as usual.


Q: What change is envisioned in your sourcing strategy considering the unknown period of potential disruption as a result of supply chain difficulties?

As a globally based company, we are used to having to asses risk and implement mitigations. these steps are already part of our sourcing strategy. Our clients and suppliers can often be in complex situations regarding potential threats to service and delivery. We already have experience handling these threats including those such as geopolitical and civil disruption, natural disasters, legislation change as well as virus outbreaks and epidemics. We have always managed our supply chain and logistics to be able to minimise these threats and reduce any negative impact they may have otherwise had. Our workload is spread across several sites all of whom have specialist sourcing teams who are able to handle any requirement our clients may have and who have the experience required to handle this situation. 


Struggling to source something you need during this challenging time?


Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

With our broad network of suppliers, we are able to rely on these close relationships and will do our utmost to source your requirements, even if its something you wouldn't normally ask us to quote for.

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