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Logistics & Consolidation

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Watford, United Kingdom

Texas, USA

Accra, Ghana

Perth, Australia

Cape Town, South Africa


Our Expediting team manage 5 strategically placed locations across the globe. These locations are located in the UK, USA, South Africa, Ghana and Australia. We work closely with the warehouse teams, suppliers, accountants and you to ensure orders progress successfully. The teams monitor and supervise the journey of each order from placement right through to delivery. The expediters have vast experience arranging import & export and have built strong relationships with international freight companies, couriers and inspection agencies, enabling us to find the most appropriate cost efficient way to process the delivery of the goods.

What can we offer?

 Storm are able to offer competitive rates for air, sea and road freight.

 Collect orders from our warehouses or have them delivered to site. Our flexibility means that we can be as involved as you want us to be - we offer any incoterm to cater for your needs. 

 Affordable courier prices for small consignments when shipping from one of our warehouses to offer express delivery for those urgent orders.

 We have the facilities to export goods across the world from destinations such as USA, Australia and China.

 Our team possess vast experience and knowledge for shipping globally and all of the bespoke requirements associated with it.

 Our UK, USA and RSA warehouses can offer a tailored consolidation package to meet your customer’s needs and help prevent large costs from occurring.


What else do we offer?

We also offer excellent packing facilities at our warehouse points. Read more now.