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In House Logistics Provider

Our unique services include logistical solutions to suit client requirements and efficient movement of goods. These include: single point of contact, local/international logistics, storage services, consolidation, packaging, independent inspections and warehousing. We provide the best means of transport to meet your requirements.


Packing & Order Consolidation

We package all goods carefully and precisely to ensure they arrive in perfect condition, taking into consideration the nature of the goods, mode of transport and security to ensure we have taken every possible step to prevent damage in transit.


Freight Forwarding

Our logistics department and logistic networks ensure that freight is handled in a professional, safe manner. We also organise charters, customs clearance and all relevant documentation needed to guarantee goods arrive on time.


Inventory Management

We offer a bar-coded inventory system. This has been developed in-house for clients that require complete visibility of shipment and consignment stock. Our system is capable of recording current shipments by stock code and current consignment stock in country. We will manage partial stock consumables linked to FPA (Forward Purchase Agreements) within the client warehouse or Storm Procurement approved warehouse.


Global Offices

In an industry that is incredibly fast-paced, firms are heavily reliant on their ability to react to unforeseen situations to ensure their sustained success. By offering support from our various offices strategically situated in different time zones around the world, it allows Storm to remain highly responsive when called upon by our clients and work collectively with them to establish the best course of action to take as quickly as possible.



Storm also has a dedicated logistics and shipping team of professionals solely tasked with ensuring that your service is delivered with the utmost efficiency. They are available from start to finish throughout the whole supply chain process, working tirelessly until they know the goods have safely arrived at their destination.



Storm Procurement provides a turnkey service for your local and international air transport needs. We work with the world’s leading commercial freight airlines to ensure that your long-distance freight is delivered on-time on a consistent basis. We provide a comprehensive customs service that ensures that your air freight is accompanied by all necessary documentation for the countries of origin and destination.


Our sea freight services are the best way to handle large-scale international logistics needs. We have agents at several international seaports around the world, and work with an established network of sea freight transport providers to ensure that your freight is transported via the most time and cost-effective means. We support full and partial container loads and handle all customs documents for countries of origin and destination.



Storm Procurement offers full support for all your road freight needs. We support local, cross border and international road freight transport, dedicated flat deck transports and oversize cargo. We operate with an established network of road freight carriers who have been through our extensive screening process.




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