Tail End Spend Management

Tail End Spend Management

Business Process Outsourcing

With BPO you can take advantage of our leveraged procurement services – economies of scale, process efficiency and expertise to realise the many benefits of managing your tail end spend more effectively. Storm will align our solution with your organisation and its departmental objectives and requirements. This will present you with clear, expert analysis, allowing you to make better-informed decisions on your non-core spend.

How Can You Benefit?


Through our proven strategic sourcing, global network and technology-driven solutions, you will be able to maximise your tail end spend transactions. This will result in significant time, resource and cost savings to your company in an area of the supply chain process that is so often overlooked, with the general perception that large-scale cost savings are unachievable.

By integrating a structured tail end spend management approach into the existing supply chains of our clients, we can offer an in-depth analysis of current operations to identify any maverick spending. We are then able to assume responsibility for the tail end spend, allowing our clients to divert their focus to their strategic spending.

With an extensive supplier network, built on longstanding relationships, we are still able to benefit from significant economies of scale for tail end spending. Through consolidating buying, we are able to fully utilise the agreements in place with our vendors to maximise cost savings.


What Could We Do For You?

At Storm we tailor each of our services to best suit each of our clients. What could we do for you? Get in touch now.