Transactional Procurement

Transactional Procurement

At Storm Procurement, we cover a wide range of professional services, which when combined, can ensure the most effective sourcing for our clients.

Methods such as transactional procurement, procurement strategies, development, planning and technology all serve as a bridge to cover the technological gap. They are also critical to ensure a deliverable service whilst identifying savings.

Historically, the process of transactional procurement has often been overlooked by businesses who then fail to optimise this process. However, we believe that developing a highly efficient transactional procurement infrastructure is key to the overall improvement of your organisation and its supply chain.

By implementing a well-structured approach to the transactional procurement process, we have been successful in providing a much more automated process for our clients with improvements seen across various aspects, allowing them to turn much of their focus to strategic management.


Benefits of this approach include: 

 10+ years of experience and developing our transactional procurement with industry professionals

 Fully managed process from Requisition through to Payment stage, including a highly dedicated Service Delivery team

 Extensive global network of suppliers with long-standing relationships to ensure cost savings and favourable terms

 Assist in managing stock levels alongside relieving obsolete or dead stock

 Linking systems to reduce staffing costs and speed up the transactional procurement process

 Offering order consolidation at our warehouses to reduce freight collection costs

  Allocation of resource using technology

 Alternative procurement approaches

 Purchasing through e-catalogues







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